Techniques of preparing for a Tornado

There’re some things that are inevitable such as natural disasters like storms. While tornadoes are common disasters in some parts of America, there’s the need to be prepared for unexpected twisters. After disaster it is necessary to call water damage restoration service. Over the years, most people have lost their loved ones leave alone valuable properties out of these storms. The big questions they keep asking is, ” how do I prepare for the next Tornado”. Let’s have a look at some of the must-know tips for preparing for Tornadoes.

(1). Know the key warning signs

Although these storms are known to strike quickly, in most cases, they are preceded by particular warning signs. For instance, you should observe for dark clouds that tend to give the sky a green tint, humidity, heavy rains and blowing winds. According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory, Tornadoes are common between 4pm-6pm and therefore, you should know the various outdoor warning systems of your neighborhood/community’s such as siren and radio signals.

(2). Designating a safe room/Tornado shelter

Most people prefer their basement or windowless rooms on the lowest floors because they’re safe from dangerous debris and winds. Ensure that you stock those rooms with bottled water, durable food, and emergency medical supplies. Also, make sure to have a battery-powered weather radio for alerts from the various authorities.

(3). Creating a safety kit of Tornado essentials

It’s recommended to have an at-home kit with first-aid supplies in that shelter room. Make it be portable so that you can carry it in case it’s dangerous to stay in that room and you may have to move. Some of the items to put in include batteries, flashlights, and emergency signal lights. You may also want to put some extra clothes for your family to cater to them in case you’re to go to a public shelter.

(4). Consider installing shingles

Go for the ones rated by UL 2218/FM 4473 as class 4 or 3 so as to protect your roof. This is because these classes have been proven to have the ability to withstand harsh hail storm damages.

(5). Maintaining trees and shrubbery in your yard

Remove the weak branches and eliminate trees that could fall on your house. These are among the elements that cause severe structural damages.

(6). Keep important document safely

Consider investing in a fireproof lockbox or a safety deposit box which are going to protect the vital documents in case of severe weather. Some of the documents to store in are the birth certificates, insurance policy number, mortgage documents, deeds of trust, citizenship documents, financial records, and rental agreements.

(7). Ensure that your car and home are insured

Consider checking what the insurance policy covers since you may be in a different city away from home and a storm may occur and the car gets damaged. Be aware of the claiming process and you’ll be in a better position to handle a crisis in case it arises.

(8). Consider investing in portable phone chargers

Having a power source during these moments is of paramount importance because it will prevent you from getting cut off from alerts. Have a power bank and store it in your safety kit.